AKA GMP Certified Kratom Vendor – How Can This Make You Stand Out?

AKA GMP Certified Kratom Vendor

You must have read the term “AKA GMP certified kratom vendor” on numerous kratom vendor sites. Have you ever thought about what it means and why it holds such a great deal of importance?

If you are a regular kratom user and have researched about the ethnobotanical, you must know about the non-profit and consumer-run organization working hard to save kratom for recreational use – The American Kratom Association.

The organization serves as a platform where the Americans can freely come forward and support their right to use the ethnobotanical for numerous health benefits, including pain relief, stress release, energy boost, better mood, more motivation and concentration, and enhanced sex drive.

American Kratom Association introduced the GMP compliance program and certifies the kratom vendors with “GMP certification” when they fulfill certain criteria for the best quality kratom online.

Let’s discuss the AKA GMP Program folks, and later we will dive deeper into the essential details.

What is AKA GMP Program?

American Kratom Association makes sure that only pure and organic kratom is making its way to the consumers. To ensure the effectiveness and safety of the kratom products, AKA introduced AKA GMP Program for kratom vendors.

The GMP program is an effective way to keep a bull’s eye on the non-GMP Kratom vendors who may sell low-quality kratom products. For combating the issues like contamination, poor quality, and impurity, American Kratom Association set the highest manufacturing standards for the kratom industry. Now, these standards have helped with top-notch quality, pharmaceutical grade quality, and of course, safety.

What Should be the Manufacturing Process?

For GMP certification, kratom vendors have to be extremely keen throughout the manufacturing process. They have to produce the highest standards in the kratom market and portray the visible commitment to help a consumer get the most out of this magical herb. Here’s what the kratom vendors need to do during manufacturing processes:

  • They have to keep up with thorough hygiene practices for both workers and the machines that are being used.
  • Efficient and high-quality machinery so that kratom products get lesser exposure.
  • Dual lab-testing by the third party is essential. The first lab-testing takes place when the leave has been hand-picked by expert farmers and later when the crushed leaves are turned into super soft kratom powders. Each batch of kratom has to go through extensive lab testing procedures to provide premium quality and high potency ratios to the consumers.
  • The supreme quality of products should not vary from batch to batch.
  • The vendor should inform the consumers about the origin of each kratom strain product and the entire chain of procedures that follow along.
  • Systematic audits should be carried out by expert auditors who can provide a report claiming whether the vendor is following the protocols set forth by AKA.

In a nutshell, the AKA GMP certification serves as a valid evaluation measure for the trustworthiness, consistent quality, high-grade kratom products.

How a kratom vendor qualifies as AKA GMP Certified Kratom Vendor according to American Kratom Association?

Kratom vendors have to follow certain criteria, details of which are mentioned in the document created by the American Kratom Association. Afterward, they have to be pre-approved, verified by an independent auditor.

Let’s head towards the AKA GMP Standards Checklist by American Kratom Association.

Step:1 First of all, the vendor has to register for the AKA GMP Certification Program at the website of the American Kratom Association.

Step:2 The registration fee costs around $500. It is directly submitted to AKA, and they use it for meeting the administrative costs.

Step:3 Review all the GMP standards thoroughly and make sure you meet all of the standards. You can hire a consultation if you find anything hard to understand.

Step:4 If you fall perfectly under the GMP certification criteria for kratom vendors, it’s time to hire a third-party auditor. He would inspect everything in detail and produce a report claiming you follow all the standards. AKA can arrange an auditor for you if you don’t find any suitable one.

Step:5 You have to complete and pass the audit. After the audit, the auditor will submit the report to AKA. The auditor has to provide his contact information and clearly state that the vendor fits under the AKA GMP Program criteria. After reviewing the entire report, the American kratom association will give you the title of “AKA GMP Certified Kratom Vendor.”

Take the notes

  • The audit has to be submitted within 90 days after the vendor has registered. Otherwise, they may get removed from the list.
  • The registration fee for the program is $500, and the annual re-certification fee is $1,000.
  • The vendor has to pay the 3rd party auditing and consulting costs.

What makes AKA GMP Certified Kratom Vendor stand out in Kratom Market?

The GMP-certified vendor comes in the limelight as compared to the non-GMP-certified kratom vendors. Here are the top five reasons explaining why GMP-certified vendors standout in the kratom market:

  • The GMP-certified kratom vendors strive to expand the safety of Speciosa products so the customers get the most of them.
  • FDA has separate guidelines for kratom vendors, and GMP-certified kratom vendors ensure to follow them.
  • A few non-GMP-certified vendors sold contaminated kratom products with salmonella, which brought adverse side effects to the consumers. A GMP-certified vendor always sells pure and organic kratom products, so that you can trust them completely.
  • The GMP-certified kratom vendor adds to the struggles of AKA for protecting kratom.
  • Lastly, the consumers get their hands on pharmaceutical-grade kratom products that are 100% all-natural.

The bottom line

The American Kratom Association strives to provide high-grade kratom products to kratom enthusiasts to enhance their well-being and lifestyle. The GMP program by AKA is a transparent means to evaluate the kratom vendors and the purity and potency of their kratom products.

You should always buy kratom from the AKA GMP certified kratom vendor who won’t ever compromise on their kratom products’ quality, consistency, and reliability.

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