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Here’s the thing – like the cannabis plant, kratom is an organically occurring natural herbal species.


Unlike cannabis, though, kratom doesn’t have some of the baggage that comes along with the history of marijuana as a controlled substance. That can be a good thing in so many cases, even though hemp and cannabis are being widely accepted now. 


Yes, marijuana is becoming decriminalized and approved for both wellness and recreational use state-by-state. But the DEA has always been behind on cannabis, and there are still a lot of gray areas that can be tricky or problematic to people, starting with job discrimination – how do employers treat those with an active medical marijuana card? Look into that before you head down that particular path. 


Kratom and State Law


So one reason that people seek out kratom is that as a lesser-known plant compound, it’s not prosecuted the way that cannabis is.


With that in mind, we have to offer one significant disclaimer – like cannabis, kratom is regulated state-by-state. So although you don’t have the federal enforcement history, there are states where you have to be careful about kratom use.


We’ll give you the list:


  • Wisconsin


  • Indiana


  • Rhode Island


  • Vermont


  • Arkansas


In addition, in the state of Alabama, kratom is considered a “schedule one controlled substance.” Another place where you may want to check kratom rules is the nation’s capital in Washington D.C., where specific legislation applies.


In case we left anything out by mistake, always check your local regulation of kratom. With that said, though, this is a natural compound, and the vast majority of states have no pending legislation against recreational use.


Take a look at all of the strains and products on our site – you can get leading types of kratom in powder, in capsules, or in a variety of formats for daily use and doing your own thing, with a routine that works for you. Take advantage of our easy, modern ecommerce delivery setup to experiment with this very interesting natural substance, and you just might find that kratom is really for you!


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