Natural and Effective Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Do you know someone who seems never to get sick? Are there other people in your life who seem to catch everything going around? Do you wonder why?

While more than a few factors impact your immune system, such as age and exposure to bacteria early in life, there are a few ways you can protect your health and reduce illness.

Along with getting plenty of sleep, spending time in the sun, and eating a healthy, balanced diet, herbal plants can help to boost your immunity. Keep reading to learn about some of the best healing flowers and plants that will help you fight disease and stay well. 


When it comes to herbal plants that help with immunity, kratom should be on the list. The official name for kratom is Mitragyna speciosa, and it has been observed that it has antitussive properties. What this means is that it can help to alleviate a cough. 

While more studies are needed to determine how well kratom works as an immunostimulant compared to other plants, it’s clear that some people rely on this product to stay healthy. In fact, taking this during a cold may help to reduce your symptoms and minimize how long they hang around. 

Vitamin C Rich Herbs

It’s no big secret that vitamin C is essential for boosting immunity. However, you may not know that this superfood can also be found in several herbal plants and spices. In fact, there are 44 different spices and herbs that contain vitamin C. 

Some of the herbs and vitamins with the most vitamin C content include:

  • Saffron: 80.8 mg/serving
  • Fresh thyme: 160.1 mg/serving
  • Cayenne or red pepper: 76.4 mg/serving
  • Fresh dill: 85 mg/serving

While it’s possible to get some vitamin C from the foods you eat, you need to remember that the amount of vitamin C you need for immune-boosting effects is much more than the recommended 60mg per day.


In the past, echinacea has gotten somewhat of a bad rap for healing flowers and plants. However, it has immune-boosting properties that can help fight the common cold. Using echinilin during a cold may help to increase the total number of white blood cells in your body while reducing your symptoms. This is more than enough motivation to give it a try for most people. 

Boosting Your Immunity Naturally

As you can see from the information above, there are more than a few herbs and plants you can use to help boost your immunity. Keep this list in mind if you are searching for natural and effective ways to do this. In the end, it will help you live a healthier life and may even reduce how often you are sick. 

Being informed and knowing what to try is the best way to benefit from natural immunity boosters. Using the items on this list may help you stay healthy and reduce symptoms if you do happen to get sick.

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