Kratom Absorption – How Long Does Kratom “Stick Around?”

Kratom Absorption

Are you wondering how long kratom sticks around in your system? Whether you want to grab general information or you want to pass a test, this piece will cover the latest info on kratom absorption and tips and tricks to help pass the test.

So let’s start with the basics, folks!

How long does kratom stick around in our system?

Many people are eager to know how long kratom takes to leave our system. On average, kratom stays in our blood and urine for about nine days, and it takes 90 days to leave our hair. Currently, we cannot claim how long kratom takes to leave our saliva because no saliva tests are available.

You must be wondering what makes kratom leave our blood and urine in 9 days? The whole answer lies in the half-life of kratom, which is 23-24 hours. But, wait, what does half-life mean? It’s the time when half of your kratom dosage leaves your system, and in the next 24 hours the half of the half dosage will leave, and it will continue this cycle until it fully leaves your system.

Remember, chronic users who take heavy dosages may have a longer half-life window as their dosage is higher.

A Step-by-step guide to understanding kratom absorption

Do you know kratom contains essential alkaloids? These alkaloids are responsible for bringing up the magical effects of kratom we all crave to enjoy. The most potent and active one is Mitragynine, and here’s a quick guide explaining how it is absorbed in our system:

  • The alkaloids in kratom break down as soon as they enter our stomach. The digestive juices from the liver, pancreas, and intestines help with absorption, and the muscles from the small intestines help the digestive juices to make movements for further absorption.
  • Now, kratom has been converted into metabolites and gets into the bloodstream.
  • The metabolites bind with the brain’s mu-opioid receptors and influence GABA, Serotonin, and noradrenergic
  • As a result, we feel a sense of release in anxiety and stress, a calming and relaxing state of mind, pain-relieving effects, and euphoria.

Factors that intervene with kratom absorption

We all are different, and so are our absorption levels. Kratom absorption varies from person to person depending upon the individual’s age, eating habits, BMI (Body Mass Index), method of taking kratom, and of course, the type of kratom strain you have taken. So let’s hop on these individual factors and how they tend to interfere with kratom absorption.


According to research, young individuals have smaller elimination times as compared to older people. The entire reason behind this scenario is metabolic rate. Older people have a slower metabolic rate as compared to younger individuals. Hence if you are old, the absorption may take a little bit more time.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

The absorption of kratom also depends on BMI, representing the body fat ratio. Do you know Mitragynine is soluble in fat? It essentially stores in our bodies fatty tissues. So if you have a higher body fat ratio, the chances are that kratom metabolites will stay for a longer time after absorption. On the other hand, if you have a lower BMI (lesser fat), you may absorb and eliminate Mitragynine quickly. That’s how BMI affects kratom absorption!

Eating routine

Do you take kratom on an empty stomach, or you like to take it with fatty food? If you are taking kratom on an empty stomach, you will absorb the alkaloids quickly. On the other hand, if you take kratom with a fatty diet, you may retain the alkaloids in your system for a longer time.

Powder vs. capsules

Kratom powders and capsules are common methods for ingesting kratom. But, both have varying absorption levels. Kratom powders tend to absorb quickly as compared to kratom capsules. Buy, Why? Because kratom capsules have a vegan or non-vegan capsule covering that melts down in the stomach first. Afterwards, the powder encapsulated in the capsule metabolizes. Whereas, in the case of kratom powder, the absorption takes place quickly.

Kratom Strain

Each kratom strain has different alkaloid composition. Therefore, each strain varies when it comes to absorption levels. Currently, there is no evidence claiming which strain absorbs rapidly and which strain takes more time.

Three ways to rapidly absorb kratom in your system

Do you want the effects of kratom to kick in faster? The rapid absorption of alkaloids will help with faster and ever-lasting effects. Here’s how you can take kratom absorption to the next level:


Grapefruit contains essential enzymes that help break down the kratom’s alkaloids and give a boost to metabolic rate. It is an ideal way to uplift your ingestion and enjoy potent effects. You can add kratom in grapefruit juice to reap the better absorption of these alkaloids. You can also use orange, lime, or lemon juice. Since the taste of lemon is too powerful for your tongue, you can add it to kratom tea for the best experience.

Green Tea

Green tea enhances metabolism. If you add your kratom dosage into the green tea, you may experience enhanced absorption and more pronounced effects.


Do you like coffee? Well, if you do, then here’s a quick pick-me-up all ready for you to supercharge your day and kratom absorption. Caffeine tends to increase our metabolism. If you take kratom along with your coffee cup, you may experience faster absorption. Coffee works best with white and green strains that promote energy, motivation, and euphoria.

Note: Always consult your health care practitioner before introducing kratom in your health regime.

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