Kratom Dosage Guide – How To Properly Measure Kratom?

Kratom Dosage

Kratom has emerged as the biggest wellness fad of the century. People are heavily relying on the herb, from a popular herbal alternative remedy for synthetic pain medications to being used as a mood enhancer, energy booster, and insomnia treatment. However, despite its tremendous therapeutic potential, one undeniable truth is that Kratom is a dose-dependent substance that makes it a bit trickier to use. Where accurate and controlled dosing promises an oasis of benefits, its wrong, or excessive intake can prove to be your worst nightmare.

So, whether you are a kratom connoisseur feeling skeptical of the serving size or a curious newbie clueless on general kratom dosage guidelines, this article has got you covered. Hopefully, it will provide a detailed insight into all the aspects of Speciosa dosing.

Some Important Titbits

Let’s start with a Reference Dosage Chart for some typical Kratom products.

Premium Quality Kratom Powder (Oral Dosage)

1)                Low Dosage 1 to 3 grams
2)                Mild Dosage 4 to 6 grams
3)                Strong Dosage 7 to 10 grams
Ideal Dosage/Threshold 2 to 3 grams

 Ultra-Potent and Gold Kratom Products (Oral Dosage)

1) Low Dosage 1 to 2 grams
2) Mild Dosage- 3 to 5 grams
3) Strong Dosage 6 to 8 grams
 Ideal Dosage/Threshold 1 to 2 grams

Kratom Extract (Oral Dosage)

1) Low Dosage 1 to 2 grams
2) Mild Dosage 3 to 4  grams
3) Strong Dosage 4 to 5 grams
 Ideal Dosage/Threshold 1 gram


  • At low doses, users will experience stimulating and mood-boosting impacts.
  • At moderate doses, the effect can be stimulant-like or sedative-euphoric-analgesic.
  • Strong doses (although not much recommended) will lead to pain-relieving and sedative impact.
  • At threshold/ideal dose, the impact will be subtle yet apparent and safe.

Next is an important Conversion Chart to keep handy at all times:

Kratom Powder

Grams Ounces
1 0.035
50 1.75
100 3.5

Kratom Crushed Leaf

1 Tablespoon 2.7 grams
1 Teaspoon 0.9 grams


These feature a pre-determined amount of Kratom Powder, but generally, a 000 Capsule shell contains 0.7 to 1 gram of powder.

Finally, we bring you this very, very essential recommended Kratom dosage guide for users;

Type of User Recommended Dose
Beginner Level 1 to 2 grams
Regular 3 to 4 grams
Expert 4 to 5 grams

In any case, the intake must never exceed 6 grams because anything beyond 6 grams is detrimental to health.

Measuring Different Kratom Forms

A) Powder

Today users can measure Kratom powder accurately till the last speck with the help of modern tools. Following, we have outlined the two most popular and useful techniques of weighing the powder, whether it’s in grams, spoon, or capsules.

Method 1: Using Leveled Measuring Spoons

Spoons are the most conventional and ancient measurement tools. They are also the hands-down cheapest and hassle-free way to measure out anything, let alone Kratom. Because honestly, why waste your hard-earned on other equipment if something is readily available in the kitchen?

Also, it is worth mentioning that it is common for one spoon to be bigger or smaller in capacity than the other owing to their differences in size, shape, or design.  As such, there will always be minute variations in the kratom quantity.

But don’t fret! Despite the imperfections, this method is a favorite among Kratom enthusiasts. Still doubtful? Here are the two most common spoon measurements for you to note down:

One leveled teaspoon of kratom = 2.0 – 2.3 grams of powder

One leveled tablespoon of kratom = 6.2- 7.0 grams of powder

Pro Tip: While using spoons, it is advised to compress the powder with a flat surface such as a knife or a parchment to eliminate uneven heaps and excess kratom.

Method 2: Using Scales

Scales are the best and most accurate way to measure Kratom. And if it’s a digital scale, then you better shrug off those apprehensive lines on the forehead! Now, you can determine and confidently rely on the dose with your eyes closed.

Do you know Digital Scales can exactly measure your Kratom down to the last 1/10th of a gram?

Despite being a wide availability, they are rarely found in homes. So, if you are looking to get your hands on one, make sure that it measures in grams to the first decimal place. In other words, it must give exact precision of 1.1 g rather than 1. Rest assured, they are a great lifetime investment that is used for many other things besides Kratom.

B) Crushed Leaves

Coarsely grounded leaves are comparatively less in volume than the finely powdered ones. This weight varies based on the way the leaves are crushed. For example, the coarse raw leaves available in the market approximately weigh 0.8 grams on one leveled teaspoon.  However, if they are loosely crushed, the weight would be even less.

The Bottom-line

Mark our words: If you wish to experience the most striking and pleasurable moments with Kratom, then dosage means the world!

On the contrary, one wrong dose, and you will land in trouble. Unfortunately, to date, people rely on eyeballing the dose rather than taking the point perfect one. This practice is seriously condemned as not only will an inaccurate dose fail to lend the desired impact but can also prove to be life-threatening. It is, therefore, crucial to consume a consistent, precise dose every time.

Fortunately, modern scientific advancements have invented a few tools for accurate measurement. Out of all these, digital scales stand out. They are highly recommended for all users, given their 100% accuracy, quick results, ease of use, and insane affordability. Finally, by implementing a few tips and tricks, you are all good to go.

Wish you all the best for your Kratom journey!

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