Kratom Strains: What Are Some of the Differences?

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If you know the basics about kratom, you have likely heard about the various strains, and how they are divided in different vein colors. There are different colors including green vein, white vein, red vein, and even yellow and gold vein. This division is based on the vein color, leaf color, and the color of the stem.

The following are a few of the strains and their differences.

1. Green Vein Kratom

Green Vein Kratom can best be described as somewhere in between the red and white kratom strains. It is a mild energy booster that can brighten up one’s mood.

People who have experimented with it report that it helps them to enhance alertness and focus, to get in the “flow” during their day to day tasks. The green vein strains are more subtle than white veins, and slightly more intense than reds. In general, they can be useful in treatment of discomforts and enhancing your mood, precisely because green veins do not lead to drowsiness, which is often caused by other analgesic supplements.

Due to the balanced properties that the alkaloids in green veins provide, they are often used to help ease social anxiety. Green vein kratom makes you more talkative, upbeat, and optimistic. Therefore, they are a strong contender to be used in social settings.

Some popular veins in this category include: Green Maeng Da and Green Bali

2. White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is well known as a great stimulant, along with being a mood and focus enhancer. The main consensus among the kratom community, is that white veins are the most stimulating and euphoric of all kratom strains. Thanks to their high alkaloid content, white veins have become a popular alternative to coffee (caffeine) for concentration, motivation, and productivity. 

Overall, white veins will be your go-to during the busy and stressful days when you’re struggling to get past that afternoon slump. Be sure to keep white veins out of your evening routine if you’re sensitive to stimulants, as they may make it difficult to fall asleep.

Some popular kratom veins in this category include: White Horned Leaf, White Maeng Da, and White Hulu

3. Red Vein Kratom

Being one of the most popular vein colors, red vein kratom is widely used for its sedative effects. Red veins may also be used for pain relief, or to bring about a feeling of deep euphoria and overall contentment.

Red veins are the most mellow of the major kratom veins, and are not generally classified as a stimulant. This makes them more approachable than their white or green counterparts, and great for new kratom users who have not yet built a tolerance.

Red veins are thought to have a mild sedative effect, helping the user remain calm and relaxed in stressful environments. Some people also claim red veins are the best kratom for pain relief, although it has not been approved for this use or as a substitute for any medication.

Some popular veins in this category include: Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, and Superior Red Dragon

4. Yellow and Gold Vein Kratom

Like the three main veins of kratom, yellow and gold veins are named after their color. These names do not derive from a specific leaf, and are not distinct kratom veins by themselves. Instead, they are produced when two veins of kratom (such as white and green, or green and red veins) are mixed together.

Yellow veins share properties most similar to red veins, and are known to have a more balanced effect. On the other hand, gold veins are more similar to white veins, but are slightly less stimulating. Overall, these veins may be less well-known than green, red, and white veins, but they still serve an important roll in the kratom community.

Some popular veins in this category include: Gold Vein, Yellow Maeng Da, and Yellow Vietnam



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