Kratom Tea – How To Make A Delicious Cup of Kratom Tea?

Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is a hot drink made out of the Southeast Asian tropical tree, Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa). Its tea can be prepared by fairly simple steps and can be used for several health benefits, as discussed in this article.

Many people opine that steeping kratom powder in water makes your kratom tea taste like a strong green tea. Some individuals like its taste the way it is, while others add a few spoonfuls of sugar with a string of lemon to enhance their palate.

As opposed to the regular tea, which can be generally simmered once, kratom powder used to make the first cup can be stewed again for another cup. This makes it more acceptable among people as they feel more can be obtained from a spoon of kratom powder.

Benefits of drinking the kratom tea

Although there is very little evidence of how Kratom can benefit your health, personal experiences from users have quite interesting claims to potential merits for health. A 2017 survey reported that using Kratom can relieve pain and alleviate mood disorder symptoms, including anxiety and depression.

Others have stated that Kratom tea can potentially reduce symptoms of opioid withdrawal. This comes from the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine found in the kratom leaf extract. These, alongside other active components, work on the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain to bring about the chemical effects.

Animal studies have also reported Kratom to increase tolerance of opioids in rats. However, this doesn’t guarantee the same effects to be seen in humans.

How to prepare kratom tea from powder?


The following ingredients can be used to make one cup of kratom tea.

  • A pan to prepare tea
  • Water – 8 oz
  • A small whisk (preferably matcha whisk)
  • Kratom powder – as per your dose
  • Lemons – 1-2 depending upon your need (optional)
  • Sugar or honey (optional)
  • A Strainer


Follow the steps below to prepare your kratom tea:

  • Pour the amount of water into the pan and heat it gently without boiling.
  • Add the required amount of lemon juice.
  • Add your kratom powder dose.
  • Stir well until the water is mixed with lemon and Kratom uniformly.
  • Simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Drain the mixture with the help of a strainer into your cup. Any undissolved powder particles are separated this way.
  • You can also add sugar or honey as a sweetener if you want or drink it just as it is.

Your kratom powder dose can also be brewed into a cup of coffee.

How long does it take for kratom tea to show its effects?

In general, it is considered that kratom tea may take more time to have an effect on your body as compared to the powder itself. Kratom powder mostly gets into the blood fast showing its results sooner.

Typically, kratom tea is believed to take 30 – 45 minutes for its benefits to be noticeable. This can be explained by the absorption of kratom alkaloids in the body. When Kratom is chewed or swallowed, it normally begins to work faster. This is because the alkaloids found in the leaves get absorbed quicker as the leaves are chewed. On the other hand, it is somewhat different when it comes to kratom tea.

As for the tea, it is gradually taken in sips which is why its absorption time is increased, and it typically takes 45 minutes for its absorption to occur.

Some tips to make a great kratom tea

Use hot, not boiling water

While the active compound of Kratom, the alkaloids, can remain unaffected at high temperatures, they may degenerate in boiling water. Thus, kratom powder or crushed leaves should not be added to boiling water in the pan. Simmer the water and let it sit for a couple of minutes before adding kratom powder.

Use acid

Adding ingredients containing acidic components such as apple cider vinegar or lemons can prevent the degeneration of kratom alkaloids in hot water while also adding to its flavor.

Add sweetener

Despite the health benefits kratom is considered to possess, there is no doubt that its taste is very bitter, unbearable to some. This is why a lot of people palate the kratom powder and quickly wash it down their throat with water. This can still leave a nasty taste in your mouth if some powder particles stick in your mouth, giving off their taste later. However, this can be avoided with kratom tea. You can mask its bitter taste by adding a sweetener of your choice, including honey or sugar. You can also masquerade the flavor by adding ginger or cinnamon to your tea.

Stir well

Adding kratom powder to water when making kratom tea may cause clumping of the powder. These may be unpalatable to drink and can be avoided by stirring the tea thoroughly with the help of a whisk. A matcha tea whisk is ideal for use to stir the kratom powder well.

Dilute the Kratom tea

If you do not wish to consume a severely bitter tea, you can add more water and reduce the amount of kratom powder added. However, this way, you may not be able to achieve the desired results.

Use the right dose

Kratom tea can be a potentially pleasant way to unravel the merits of Kratom on your body. However, taking the correct dose is crucial. One serving of kratom averages about 2.4g per day, and it should be remembered that you do not use more than two servings in 24 hours. What’s best is to start low and gradually work up your dose according to your desired outcomes.


Kratom is a widely known herb used for alleviating pain, enhancing mood, and increasing your alertness. It can be a remarkable way to improve your well-being and tremendously enhance your performance.

Preparing kratom tea extracts the active components found in Kratom, making them more bioavailable and easily absorbed in the body. You can cherish your cup of kratom tea with the simple and easy recipe as discussed in this article, regardless of whether you are a first-timer or a veteran kratom user.

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