10:1 Kratom Extract Capsules

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Welcome to a whole new world of Kratom Extracts. Our 10:1 Kratom Extract Capsules are some of the most potent extracts on the market. Each capsule contains .86 grams of Kratom extract, and is equivalent to approximately 9 grams of regular Kratom powder.

What this extract contains:

20kg Green Maeng Da

20kg Red Maeng Da

10kg White Maeng Da

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Extract Capsules

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3 reviews for 10:1 Kratom Extract Capsules

  1. Aaron R

    Good extract. Ive tried OPMS and find this to be much more cost effective.

  2. Charlie Zero (verified owner)

    These are the staple of my Kratom regime. Everything else I feel individually much more of what they are because this is already in my system. Easy to take earlier bc there is no nausea. Sets up the day.

  3. latrice

    I would say my only complaint would be the price. Wow! It’s up there. But if you can, give the capsules a try. They work wonders!

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