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Buy CBN oil tincture 30 ml drops in the USA

  • Weight: 0.18
  • Size: 30mL
  • Serving Size: 1 Dropperful (30mL)
  • Serving Per Container: 30 (for 30mL)
  • Effects: Relaxation, Sleep Aid
  • Strength: 500mg

Cbn Oil Tincture 30 Ml Drops

  • Our CBN oil tincture 30 ml drops are made with all-natural, non-intoxicating components.
  • Our CBN tinctures are specifically designed for customers who desire plant-based sleep help without negative side effects.
  • Our CBN oil tincture 30 ml drops are a non-intoxicating cannabinoid derived from the natural breakdown of THC, which happens over time due to oxygenation and decomposition.
  • Industrial Hemp cultivated in the United States is non-GMO.
  • Hemp is cultivated utilizing organic agricultural methods.
  • Third-party laboratory testing.

A new breakthrough cannabis combination concentrates solely on one thing and one thing only: improved sleep. Our CBN oil tincture integrates minor cannabinoids from hemp extracts to deliver an innovative product to the market.

Our CBN drops are a natural and healthy way to feel refreshed and invigorated – without harsh side effects.

CBN has neuroprotective characteristics. Its use has been demonstrated to aid the recovery of the nervous system, its cells, structure, and function. Cannabinol is scientifically abbreviated as CBN.

What is CBN Oil?

CBN Oil refers to cannabinol (CBN) which has been dissolved into a carrier oil as a tincture to improve deliverability. CBN oil can contain other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes which are natural constituents of the hemp plant. As a product high in cannabinol content, CBN oil provides the effects of CBN, including promoting relaxation and supporting healthy sleep cycles.

What Does CBN Oil Do?

While CBD and THC has been extensively researched and their mechanisms of action are known to include the CB1 and CB2 cell receptors, CBN hasn’t been the subject of as much study. Cannabinol is known to act on the TRPA-1, TRPV-2, TRPV-3, and TRPV-4 cell receptors. The reported effects of CBN Oil include producing a deep sense of relaxation and support for falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.

Does CBN Oil Get You High?

Because CBN is a decarboxylated form of CBNA, which itself is a transformed version of THCA, CBN oil will not get you high. In fact, before delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was identified as the cannabinoid responsible for cannabis’ psychoactive effects, cannabinol (CBN) was thought to be responsible. Today, however, the CBN cannabinoid is known not to cause the “high” produced by consuming cannabis.

How Do I Use CBN Oil?

Most CBN oil can be taken as a tincture, placed and held under the tongue. CBN acts faster and more reliably than other CBD oils. Add CBN to 8 oz of water 30 minutes before bedtime to achieve the best results.

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  1. Shelly

    Good for nighttime. Especially if you use a kratom strain that provides you with energy. Will buy again, thanks.

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