Full Spectrum 10:1 Kratom Tincture

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  • Full Spectrum 10:1 Kratom Tincture
  • 10.01% Mytragyna Content
  • Vegetable Glycerin Based
  • 1oz (30ml) Glass Bottle with Dropper
  • Premium Organic Mature Kratom Leaf

  • Our Full Spectrum 10:1 Kratom Tincture is masterfully blended from Premium Organic Mature Kratom Leaf.
  • Our full spectrum kratom tincture is made in a GMP-compliant facility, ensuring accurate, pure, and consistent products.
  • Our pure, lab tested Kratom Tincture from Botanical Remedies provides optimum strength and ease of use.
  • Before being processed into tinctures, our Kratom is lab tested by a 3rd party facility. This helps guarantee that our products are not polluted in any manner.

Looking for a portable, fast-acting type of Kratom that you can carry with you everywhere you go? Take a look at our premium full spectrum kratom tincture.

Aside from the simplicity and portability of tinctures, utilizing a calibrated dropper makes it easier to ensure a consistent dose each and every time.

Our full spectrum tinctures are a concentrated version of kratom that many people prefer over dry extracts.

Our full spectrum kratom tincture is made with high quality kratom leaf that is responsibly farmed and sustainably obtained.

As a long-term supplier of high-quality Kratom tinctures, we stand behind all of our products and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Shop full spectrum kratom tincture today and see why true Kratom enthusiasts trust Botanical Remedies.

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2 reviews for Full Spectrum 10:1 Kratom Tincture

  1. KG Hanslen

    I’ve been looking for something that compares to those shots, and I will say that this is better. Along with being much more cost effective, the effect is a lot longer lasting. I reached out to them and they let me know that it is made with their extract, which is also solid by itself.

  2. Collin p

    Pretty sweet alternative to taking powder all the time. Not as cheap as regular kratom, but I like to switch it up every now and then. Only thing I would reccomend changing is the child lock on the top, which I guess is a good thing, but it can be a bitch to take off if you make it too tight

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