Red Sumatra Kratom Powder

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Red Vein Sumatra Kratom Powder

  • Red Vein
  • Premium Organic Mature Kratom Leaf
  • No Additives or Fillers
  • Free Sample With Each Order

Red Sumatra is grown on one of biggest islands (Sumatra Island) due to a unique tropical environment in which the island gets more rain than its surrounding areas. This strain is similar to Red Bali, as it is extremely well balanced. Red Sumatra is understood to be a great strain for new members of the Kratom community.

If you’re seeking something unique, you’ve come to the perfect place. Red Sumatra’s chemical profile includes extra alkaloids, including mitraphylline, unique to this strain, with an average Mitragynine level of 1.6%. It’s no wonder that this kratom type has rapidly become a bestseller at Botanical Remedies, given how popular it is in its native Indonesia.

The variance in kratom strain colors is usually attributed to the age of the leaves during harvest. Red vein strains are older, white veins are younger, and green vein strains are somewhere in the center. This is a simple explanation for several aspects that determine how the plant grows, most notably the total light and sun exposure.

Red Sumatra is a variety of red veins from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. No other red vein is claimed to come close to its soothing properties. Red Sumatra is a dark, full-bodied red that is sometimes described as the pinnacle in this category.

  • 100 Micron, quick acting, finely powdered, high grade kratom powder.
  • There are no pesticides or chemicals in this product.
  • Grown and harvested in Southeast Asia’s rainforests.

Botanical Remedies delivers top-quality Red Vein Sumatra Kratom Powder at a reasonable price. We test each batch to ensure quality, and we heat treat and pasteurize to eradicate microbes. If yeast and mold are present, this treatment drastically reduces their numbers.

*If you choose to enhance your powder, the amount of 10:1 Extract that you choose will be blended into the powder evenly. If you’d like your 10:1 Extract on the side, please make us aware in the order notes during checkout.

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28 Grams (1 oz), 56 Grams (2 oz), 112 Grams (4 oz), 224 Grams (8 oz), 500 Grams, 1000 Grams

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