10 Reasons Botanical Remedies Is Your One-Stop Kratom Shop

Botanical Remedies

The foundations of any great company begin with great ideas. Likewise, Botanical Remedies was born out of a desire to improve every person’s quality of life and health on the planet. And, one way of doing so was through natural botanical products.

The very quest to finding the highest quality herbal remedies led us to travel the world and experiment with dozens of products during the journey. One that particularly caught our attention on our trip to Kalimantan, Indonesia, was Kratom. Scientifically known as Mitragayna Speciosa, the herb was cherished for its ravishing medicinal properties for centuries.

Kratom has just recently made a splashing comeback. Amidst the mad frenzy of brands, strains, and products, one company making waves is Botanical Remedies. However, it is not another ordinary brand on the radar. It is one ahh-mazing brand with a mission to nurture prosperity for people across the globe.

Reasons To Buy Kratom From Botanicals Remedies

Enough said! Let’s dig deeper as to why you must consider shopping online your favorites from none other than Botanical Remedies:

1. Vast Industry Experience

We are well-known for manufacturing products that make a difference in people’s everyday lives. Our expertise lies in making kratom taste and works excellent thereby, replacing all the synthetic medications in your cabinet.

Don’t believe us?

A whopping 123,000 orders fulfilled so fat, and a wide fan base encompassing more than 30,000 customers from all corners of the world serve testament to our relentless popularity. Rubbing your eyes already?

2. 100% Pureness = Unmatchable Quality

Do you know most Speciosa companies hitting the market scene today are notorious for selling inferior quality, fake or artificial kratom at the cost of their customer’s health?

But that’s certainly not our way of doing things!

We straight away reject any good containing even trace amounts of chemicals, filler agents, chemical clones, or any genetically modified ingredient.

Our team takes immense pride in setting the Gold Quality Standard for the Kratom Industry and thrives on being a 100% All-Natural brand. The herbs are organic and pure and surpass all health and food regulatory standards. Our manufacturing occurs in cGMP-compliant units (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) using state-of-the-art technology and hygiene-conscious gear. In the end, we meticulously inspect each product to ensure the seals are intact, the kratom is fresh, and the labels are accurate before they reach you.

3. Ethical Sourcing

Another reason why Botanical Remedies should be your One-Stop-Kratom-Shop is that all products are responsibly sourced all the way from the native Indonesian, yet USDA certified farms (United Stated Department of Agriculture). The rich geography of the area provides an ideal environment for the plants to grow and flourish and the microclimate is also carefully observed so that the herbs reach their optimum level. Each plant is conscientiously grown under pristine natural conditions meeting its varying needs and requirements. Besides, we share close ties and have set strict ethical standards for our distributors to promulgate utmost transparency.

4. Fair Pricing Policy

Now that’s what we call the icing on the cake! No matter, what you place your hands on, we promise not only top-notch shelf quality but also the most affordable rates. (Want to bet on that? But, be ready to lose!) We never believe in passing on any additional costs to our customers- whether they arise while sourcing, testing, packaging, or delivering.

5. Customer Services and Perks

What if we were to tell you that Botanical Remedies is one of its kind brand to bag over 500 positive reviews from happy customers?

Both our products and our service have received the ultimate 5-Star rating.  And, in all honestly, we very well deserve it! We offer perks such as 30-day Money Back Guarantee, 24/7/365 Customer Support Service, and Mega-fast Shipment.

6. Third-Party Lab Tested

Our team makes sure that each product and each batch leaving our doors must be cent-percent certified. Therefore, all products are sent to ISO-approved third-party independent labs where they undergo meticulous inspection and rigorous testing for over 200 different pesticides, contaminants, heavy metals, mold, bacteria, residual solvents, and mycotoxins. This, in turn, ensures that our products meet all the international quality standards and labeled claims.

7. The Largest Product Catalogue

Botanical Remedies is excited to bring you the widest Kratom selection ranging from the best-selling to the lesser-knowns, the rare and the most abundant, the new and the old, tried and tested strains.

Now you can relish Kratom through some drooling and divine supplement forms. Our product suite has expanded to include powders, raw leaves, extracts, quality kratom capsules, and many more products that your mind, body, and soul will thank you for. How about visiting the site and taking a quick sneak-peak yourself?

8. Meeting Bespoke Needs

Our team shares an innate devotion to meeting the bespoke customer demands. The strain types, flavors, and taste are all tailored, keeping in mind your preferences. We have made it possible for you to create your sample or multi-pack with the strains and supplements of your choice. And, well, that’s a pretty big deal!

9. Year-Round Discounts

Whether you need Kratom for yourself, your old grandma, or to gift a friend, you can avail exclusive discounts and special offers. These are available all around the year to brighten up your day wherever and whenever you place an order.

In addition, as a little token of appreciation, we extend lifetime military discounts to veterans. And, that’s the least we can do for those who sacrifice their lives, their time, and their families for the nation. So, let’s get the scoop on sales.

10. Free Shipping and Secure Packaging

Our products are securely packed in air-tight pouches or bottles to retain maximum freshness, potency, aroma, and flavor.  As a seller which is a step above the rest, we strive to extend a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience by offering free worldwide delivery. No matter where you reside if laws allow, we will always get your parcel delivered at your doorsteps swiftly.

So, what’s the wait for?

Hurry Up!

Fill Your Cart with some Real Goodness and Place Your Online Order Right Away.

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