How To Store Kratom For Longer Use

Store Kratom

Does your kratom turn bad when you buy it in mass bulk? Do you notice the freshness being carried away, and the potency falling? I know, that’s an entire waste of your precious herb, and of course your money as well. But, have you ever dug deeper to understand what may have gone wrong at your end? You may have not followed the right precautions to store kratom for longer use.

Yes, folks, storing kratom does come with a few essential guidelines, which are crucial for retaining the potency, fragrance, and freshness of your kratom. Here are a few quick tips that you can follow to help store your kratom properly!

How long is kratom good for?

Everything loses its freshness as time passes, and while it’s a slow process, so does kratom. Therefore, storing your kratom correctly can be somewhat important. Kratom enthusiasts are often found asking how long kratom is good for, and the answer is pretty straight – if stored improperly, less than three months. For the best results, make sure you use your kratom within this time frame of three months.

If you buy kratom from a reputable vendor who sells only lab-test kratom products then you don’t have to worry about it quite as much, as the correct microbe levels help to keep your product safer, longer. Just follow the right storage practices that we will discuss, and you can keep your kratom for as long as one year, or longer, for recreational purposes.

What makes kratom sensitive to spoilage?

As time passes, extraneous factors like environment come into play and take away the potency and freshness. The humidity, sunlight, air, and environment can turn the kratom quickly, hence, you need to be vigilant with the right storage techniques.

How can you store kratom properly?

Here comes the mightiest chunk of this piece, where you will get your hands on the dos and don’ts to look for while storing kratom, and some hacks that will help retain the wholesomeness. So let’s get straight into it!

Do’s and Don’ts while storing kratom at home

Here are a few yet must-to-be-followed do’s and don’ts that you have to consider before storing kratom for longer use. Let us discuss the do’s first!

Store Kratom in an air-tight container

You have to be sure that kratom does not interact with the outside environment once you receive your order. The chances of contamination would be higher, and you may end up with spoiled kratom. The best yet easiest way to do so is to keep it in an air-tight container, that won’t let it interact with the outside environment. Make sure you are using a new jar, and it is air-tight to retain the freshness and potency. Our FDA-approved bags are also excellent to store kratom long term.

The storage area and container should be dry

Moisture is one of the leading factors causing molds in the kratom. Excessive moisture can also be the reason for the growth of lumps and clumps, making the consistency entirely uneven. Therefore if you ever notice molds or clumps in your kratom powder, do not use it and dispose of it immediately.

Let kratom be friends with the darkness

Kratom should be stored in a dark spot because direct sunlight can alter the precious alkaloids concentrations. For the best results, you can use brown amber jars and opaque containers; they work best for the products that need to be placed in the dark. Moreover, a closed cabinet is also essential for preserving the alkaloids in kratom. So make sure you buy dark-shaded containers and opt for a darker storage area.

The storage area should be cool

Extreme temperature swings can initiate condensation inside your kratom container. You have to make sure that kratom is stored in an area with a consistent temperature. A little cooler will do wonders with the right kratom storage, and you will experience the same softness and even texture in your kratom powder every time you will open the lid.

Don’ts to store kratom for extensive use

Don’t let it oxidize

Oxidation of kratom powder is another common reason that turns kratom bad. When the oxygen interacts with kratom powder, it tends to damage the cells. For this reason, the antioxidants in the kratom cannot play their part in eliminating the toxins from our bodies. So you have to create such an environment for your kratom where oxygen cannot interact with it, and an air-tight container works best in this case.

Don’t store kratom in the used containers

Many folks store kratom in already used containers and that does affect the potency and freshness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Therefore, always get new containers whenever you are planning to store kratom for longer use.

Don’t buy cheap and low-quality kratom

First of all, make sure your kratom vendor is reputable in the kratom community, conducts third-party lab tests, and is GMP-certified. These factors will directly assess the quality of kratom you will receive and the effective experience you will come across.

3 simple hacks to store kratom properly

Apart from the dos and don’ts mentioned above, following these three easy hacks will take the right storage practice to the next level. Here’s what you have to do!

  • If you buy kratom in bulk, take out the amount you will be using for the 1-2 weeks in another container. Frequently opening the main box will ruin the entire stock, and your kratom may get spoiled.
  • Store your kratom in a vacuum bag that won’t allow the outside air to affect kratom’s freshness. Vacuum bags come in handy when you have to store oxidation-sensitive products like kratom.
  • Do you know freezers are an ideal option for storing kratom? They are dark, cool, and moisture-free. You can store kratom in your family freezer, or if you buy kratom powder online in bulk, a separate smaller one would do the job for storing kratom rightly.

Right Storage Practices; Potent and Fresher Mitragyna Speciosa!

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